We will conduct professional inspections of blades using a telescope, drone, or rope access, and then proceed with repairs – we prefer rope access here (shorter turbine downtime!), but for heavy cases, we have our own platform.

And while we’re there, we’ll also inspect the lightning protection system and repair it if necessary.

We also remember about the interior of the blade!

Oil leak, someone painted ugly graffiti, rust started appearing on the flanges?

We’ll take care of it!

We also have a proprietary system that will catch the dripping oil to prevent environmental contamination!

We’ve participated in the replacement of various turbine components. We’re known for our ability to solve even the most challenging situations that arise during this type of work with minimal risk. Having us on the team during major component replacement is invaluable!

Gearbox inspection is a crucial step in maintaining the optimal performance and durability of wind turbines. Our examinations involve a detailed assessment of internal components such as bearings, gears, gear plates, and lubrication. Using advanced diagnostic tools, we identify any abnormalities and potential damages.

When it comes to mobile platforms, there’s little that can surprise us…

If you use platforms from Power Climber, Avanti, or Hailo, challenge us!

We’ll gladly conduct inspections and repairs.

We offer technical inspections, maintenance, and expert replacement of consumable parts in chain hoists from manufacturers such as Liftket, Vicinay, or Demag. In hopeless situations, we can also replace the entire hoist.

Bent rungs, large gaps at joints? Or worse, a crack that requires replacement of the entire ladder segment?

Whatever the issue, our company performs repairs and inspections of ladders and rails.

We also hold certifications for inspection and repair of Goracon climbing assistance.

They suddenly burn and halt the operation of the entire turbine. We understand how urgent this issue is. We have our own stock of busbars and guarantee a swift response! We can also conduct busbar inspections – via rope access or thermographic one.

Every turbine requires regular inspections and servicing to function smoothly. Equally important is the ongoing troubleshooting.

Our experienced specialists are happy to take on this task, so you can rest assured about your turbines!

The diagnostics and maintenance of electrical installations in turbines are crucial for ensuring their safe and efficient operation. From voltage checks to insulation resistance testing, our team conducts thorough electrical inspections to identify any potential issues before they escalate.

From anchorage points through material handling devices to first aid kits and fire extinguishers – our inspection will ensure that all these elements are fully functional and ready for use in case of emergencies. Let’s work together to ensure a safe working environment!

A rescue pack is often everything a worker needs to escape a difficult situation.

We’ve worked with rescue packs from various manufacturers. We’re eager to share our expertise and help choose the right equipment to ensure technicians’ safety!

Oh no! Has it been a year since the last inspection of your fire extinguishers? Or perhaps they’ve already earned their retirement? With the permissions granted to us by Gloria and Ogniochron, we’ll ensure they undergo thorough inspection or replace them with new ones.

Get in touch with us to ensure your fire extinguishers are ready for any situation!

We’ll support you in the commissioning or inspection of your equipment! Whether you have a service lift, a blade repair platform, a chain hoist, a pressure vessel, or anything else, you can count on us.

You report the equipment for inspection, we take care of the rest!

As long as someone didn’t steal the ropes overnight before the inspection, the cable isn’t too short, or you didn’t come up with the brilliant idea of dismounting the device, we guarantee a positive decision!