About us

HAWK Company was founded in 1997 out of a passion for safety and work at heights using rope access. The company’s history was shaped by the experiences of its founder, Robert Szuman, who took his first steps into the world of ropes and high-altitude rescue at the Mountain Guide School in Karpacz. He later expanded his expertise by obtaining the title of a paramedic.

In the early years, the company specialized in organizing high-altitude rescue training for tour guides, firefighters, WOPR, and BOR personnel.

In the meantime, we initiated our first ventures into the wind energy industry by installing masts for wind measurements in various parts of the world.

A milestone for the company’s development in this field was establishing a partnership with Senvion in 2008. Starting with high-altitude training, we quickly expanded our collaboration to inspections and repairs of wind turbines. The experience gained while working with Senvion, as well as our expertise in safety, gained recognition from other companies, allowing us to broaden our range of services.

Soon after, we also became a GWO certified training provider dedicated to individuals working on wind turbines.

Our actions have long been accompanied by a passion for tourism and the exploration of unique places. For this very reason, since 2016, the company’s headquarters have been located in Miedzianka, a former mining center and one of the most beautiful towns in the Sudetes, where only a few houses remain today.

In 2023, we decided to expand our operations into the tourism sector and participated in a tender for the lease of two tourist facilities: St. Jan Mine in Krobica and the Viewing Tower in Mirsk. The outcome of our efforts was taking over the responsibilities as the Operator of these places on June 16th, 2023. 😊